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Part I of the symposium "The Tasks of Penology: A Symposium on Prisons and Correctional Law" was intended to provide the reader with a general background in the theories and aims of our modern correctional system. These concepts have been constantly changing throughout the history of penology. If there is one "task" upon which there is mutual agreement, it would be rehabilitation, but the question still remains: How do you rehabilitate? There has been a growing realization that modifications have to be made in the traditional penitentiary system to accomplish this goal. It has also been recognized that aspects of the administration of criminal justice other than the period of confinement relate to the problem. The remaining two parts of the symposium will deal, for the most part, with specific proposals and procedures to accomplish the "tasks" ahead. We are pleased with the response to Part I and hope that these next two issues will provide some further discussion and perhaps incentive for future action.