For thirteen years Southern Illinois University has had an association with the Illinois State Penitentiary at Menard, Illinois, which has been rewarding and useful for both institutions. This article deals with the educational and rehabilitational aspects of this association. First, we look briefly at the historical development of education in prison programs. Second, we outline the specific growth of educational services by Southern Illinois University at Menard and the United States Penitentiary at Marion, Illinois. Third, we examine the influences of this growth on thinking, planning, research, and applications of prison education by the university locally and, by extension of these plans, to other state and federal institutional relationships. Finally, we offer some personal and professional projections of the "use" of education in the rehabilitation processes in the prison program. This last point can by no means be stated definitively, but the outlook proposed may be suggestive.

I. Historical Development

II. The Illinois Experience

III. Implementation of Prison Education

IV. Evaluation of Prison Education

Appendix: Status Report Admissions to Southern Illinois University from Illinois State Penitentiary, Menard, 1960–63 … I. Enrollment at Southern Illinois University … II. Individual Summaries … III. Individual Failure in the Program … IV. Future Considerations