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From the Editors



It has been said that the legal profession as it exists in Nebraska is irrelevant to the real problems and needs of our society. The editors are not entirely in agreement with that statement, for it is through the practice of law, as it exists, that the needed changes and reforms must come about. However, before the long-range objectives can be obtained, indeed, before they can even be subjected to attack, the short-range goals demand attention. Only if the attorney is well trained can he hope to contend with the dimensions of today's problems in our complex society. Only if an institution is sufficiently equipped can it expect to attract top students and faculty to assure that they are well trained, and maintain its excellent reputation. The educational facilities at the college are in drastic need of improvement. Whether the situation is rectified, and, in turn, whether the practice of law as it exists in Nebraska is "relevant" to the real problems of society depends in large measure upon the reaction and concern of the attorneys in this state to the problems at hand.