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Legislative Review


In furtherance of the Nebraska Law Review's attempt to bring more material to the Nebraska lawyer which is of interest to him, the Editors have decided to present a review of the 1969 Unicameral session. This review is not a complete synopsis of the bills passed by the legislature in the eightieth session. Because of the great number of bills presented to the session and eventually passed, we have attempted to select a small cross-section of bills which were felt to be of particular interest to the practicing attorney. The bills discussed in this article were chosen because of their particular relevance to the attorney as an attorney, as opposed to the attorney as a general member of society.

I. County Attorneys … A. LB1059—Required experience … B. LB237—Attorneys for hospital districts … C. LB1179—Salaries and private practice … D. LB421—Acting and assistant county attorneys … E. LB154 and LB155—Sovereign immunity

II. The Courts … A. LB166—Workmen's compensation judges—outside practice … B. LB493—Workmen's compensation judges—salaries … C. LB15—Court of industrial relations

III. Public Counsel … A. LB521—Ombudsman … B. LB950—Public defender

IV. LB330—Professional corporations

V. Post-Conviction … A. LB908—Civil rights restored and expungement of conviction … B. LB444—Execution of juvenile court orders while on appeal

VI. Taxes … A. LB1415—Bonds required for non-resident contractors … B. State priority in the collection of taxes … 1. LB1359—Sales taxes collected constitute a trust in hands of the retailer … 2. LB1363—Withholding taxes constitute a trust fund in the hands of the employer … 3. LB1361—Lien on property for taxes due … C. LB504—Changes in language and substance of tax law

VII. Motor Vehicles … A. LB1174—Title to motor vehicles … B. LB994—Right-of-way at intersections