I. Introduction

II. Current Stigma Jurisprudence ... A. Proximity Stigma Jurisprudence ... 1. Denial of Nuisance-Based Proximity Stigma Claims: Interpreting Substantial Interference to Require Actual Impact ... 2. Successful Proximity Stigma Claims: Substantial Interference and Other Factors ... 3. Other Legal Theories: Negligence and Paoli ... B. Postremediation Stigma Claims

III. A Psycho-Social Model of Stigma ... A. The Marking Process ... B. Attributional Harm Versus Actual Harm ... C. Courtesy Stigma ... D. Heuristic Factors That Impact the Degree of Stigma Perception

IV. Analysis: Implications of the Psycho-Social Model for Stigma Jurisprudence ... A. Problems with the Substantial Interference Standard: The Difference Between Actual and Psychological Harm and Why Roses Are Not a Nuisance ... B. Misplaced Need for Actual Impact ... C. Applying a Negligence Standard: The Difference between Emotional Harm and Stigma

V. Conclusion