I. Introduction

II. Public Policy and Casino Gaming

III. Market Failure: Why Does It Prompt Regulation?

IV. Common Arguments Used in Support of the Regulation of Gaming ... A. Populations Affected: The Addict and the Family; Populations at Risk: Teens and the Elderly ... B. Increased Crime Rates ... C. Economic Hazards of Casino Gaming ... D. Environmental Costs of Casinos: Concern for the Environment ... E. Political Contributions and Lobbying on Behalf of the Gambling Industry

V. Arguments Offered by Proponents of a Market Approach to Gaming

VI. Why Aren't We Arguing for the Similar Regulation of Shopping? ... A. Social Benefits of Gambling and Shopping: The Promise of Economic Prosperity ... B. Social Ills of Gambling and and Shopping: Benefits Have Their Price

VII. Conclusion ... A. Ethical Dimensions of Casino Gaming