Nebraska Network 21


Date of this Version

December 2000


The Nebraska Network 21 (NN21) Action Team on Distance Education/Outreach has studied a variety of issues related to distance education in order to better serve the people of Nebraska. Distance education has grown rapidly in Nebraska, but is clearly in its infancy. Many important issues still are being identified and are far from understood. The possibilities of distance education are yet to be fully realized. But in a state with a small, spread-out population such as ours -- perhaps in any state -- it would seem that distance education holds great promise for making many forms of education accessible to all. To further our understanding of the field of distance learning, the Action Team commissioned a series of White Papers on topics significant to distance education in Nebraska. These papers were first presented at a conference in September 1998. Summaries of the papers in this publication are intended to inform policymakers and anyone else interested in distance education about what the study of these topics yielded. These summaries are also designed to stimulate discussion.