USDA National Wildlife Research Center Symposia


Date of this Version

August 2007


Published in: Witmer, G. W., W. C. Pitt, and K. A. Fagerstone, editors. 2007. Managing vertebrate invasive species: proceedings of an international symposium. USDA/APHIS Wildlife Services, National Wildlife Research Center, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. Also available online at


The multiple economic, environmental, and animal and human health impacts of invasive species pose complex challenges in policy formation and governmental coordination. The National Invasive Species Council (NISC) was established by an Executive Order in 1999 to provide coordination, planning and facilitate cooperation among the diverse federal agencies and to take a more comprehensive approach to invasive species. NISC, assisted by the nonfederal Invasive Species Advisory Committee (ISAC) has developed several tools and enhanced capacities to address invasive species. Additionally, NISC has helped place greater emphasis on essential prevention, early detection and rapid response, research, public outreach, and international cooperation efforts. Invasive vertebrates are an increasing concern for NISC and for state, tribal, and local governments and the private sector. The invasive vertebrates further complicate an already complex issue. Invasive vertebrates require an even greater level of coordination and understanding. Important questions such as, best practices for the humane control and removal and effective public outreach messages must be answered. NISC continues to emphasize the critical need for effective multi-sector coordination when addressing invasive vertebrates.