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Peebles, L.W. and J.O Spencer Jr. 2020. Common Ravens. Wildlife Damage Management Technical Series. USDA, APHIS, WS National Wildlife Research Center. Fort Collins, Colorado. 17p.


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Damage Management Methods for Common Ravens

Type of Control -- Available Management Options

Exclusion -- Often ineffective or impractical

Fertility Control -- None available

Frightening Devices -- Effigies • Pyrotechnics and propane cannons • Lasers and flashing lights

Habitat Modification -- Bale and bury garbage • Install dumpsters with secure lids • Remove or bury dead livestock • Remove abandoned houses, sheds, and barns to eliminate nesting structures

Nest Treatment -- Allowed with proper Federal and State permits; Egg oiling or addling and nest destruction

Repellents -- Methiocarb (EPA Reg. No. 56228-33) • Methyl anthranilate (food-grade grape flavoring agent)

Shooting -- Allowed with proper Federal and State permits; Requires use of non-toxic/non-lead ammunition

Toxicants -- Compound DRC-1339 Concentrate (EPA Reg. No. 56228-29, 56228-63); May only be used by USDA Wildlife Services employees or people working under their supervision.

Trapping -- Allowed with proper Federal and State permits; Live-trapping with modified soft-catch #1½, #2 or #3 coil-spring traps