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1 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Modeling Vadose Zone Hydrology: Lecture Notes Derek M. Heeren and Dean E. Eisenhauer Department of Biological Systems Engineering University of Nebraska Lincoln June 2021


The lecture notes are open access (CC BY-NC 4.0)


Modeling Vadose Zone Hydrology is a graduate-level course offered biennially in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering. Topics included hydraulic properties of porous media, application of Darcy's Law in variably saturated media, hydrologic and transport processes in the vadose zone, and solution of steady and unsteady flow problems using numerical techniques. A graphical approach for characterizing vertical one-dimensional problems with energy head profiles was emphasized. Common one-dimensional flow and transport problems were solved analytically. The course was taught using a combination of lecture notes and PowerPoint presentations. The lecture notes from 2021, captured using the Microsoft Whiteboard app with a Microsoft Surface, are presented here. The lecture notes are open access (CC BY-NC 4.0) and may be useful to other instructors in vadose zone hydrology or soil physics.