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Published in J. Helminthol. Soc. Wash. 60(2), 1993, pp. 243-249. Copyright 1993. Used by permission.


Three new species of nematodes were encountered during a study of natural diversity of nematode associates of native species of Vitis L. in California. Achromadora walkeri sp. n. was found in rhizosoil of the native California grape Vitis californica Bentham and is characterized by the position of the amphid (within the vicinity of both dorsal and ventral teeth), a relatively long stoma, and the absence of a prerectum. The other 2 species were plant parasitic criconematids: Criconemoides featherensis sp. n., found in association with roots of V. californica, is characterized by possessing strongly retrose annuli posterior to the vulva, a long stylet, the shape of the first annulus of the head, and rare anastomosis of annuli of the body. Specimens of Hemicycliophora armandae sp. n. were recovered from the rhizosoil of the desert grape Vilis girdiana Munson and are characterized by having 3 cephalic annuli, a lateral field marked by interruption of the striae, a long stylet, and a digitate tail. The study of symbiotic associations of native species of crop plants is important in studies of faunal and floral biodiversity.

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