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Proceedings of the Helminthological Society of Washington, v. 16, no. 1 (1949)


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A series of 160 hawks of 12 species from ten states and the Province of Manitoba has been examined for dicrocoeliid trematodes. Only one species of dicrocoeliids was found in them indicating the infrequency with which North American hawks are infected with trematodes of this group.

Of the 160 hawks examined 4 were broad-winged hawks. Buteo platypterus, 2 of which, collected in Ohio and Wisconsin, harbored in their bile ducts 3 and 8 specimens respectively of a trematode of the genus Platynosomum. These specimens, after comparison with both the original and the recently expanded description by Travassos (1944, Monogr. lnst. Oswaldo Cruz, No.2, 357 pp.) of P. illiciens (Braun, 1901), have been assigned to that species. Since this is the first time this trematode has been reported from a host outside of Brazil" and in order to help delimit the variation within the species, a description of this material is presented.

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