Submission Guidelines for Concepts in Animal Parasitology Textbook

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References Style Guide

Adapted from the Journal of Parasitology style (available at
In-line citation style: Andrews (1990) or (Andrews, 1990).
References/citations list examples, for up to four authors (after which, use et al.):

Journal article:
Oyinlade, O. O., and C. Barreda. 2014. Article title. Polish Journal of Ecology 62: 22–41. doi: 10.3161/104.062.0001.

Oyinlade, O. O., and C. Barreda, eds. 2009. Book title, 2nd ed. Franklin Publishing, Walnut Grove, California, 332 p.

Book chapter:
Banyard, M. P. 2009. Chapter title. In Book title, 2nd ed. O. O. Oyinlade and C. Barreda, eds. Franklin Publishing, Walnut Grove, California, p. 132–181.

Thesis or dissertation:
Banyard, M. P. 2001. Thesis title. Ph.D. Dissertation. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska, 147 p.