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Rev. Sci. Instrum. 66 (10), October 1995


Copyright 1995 American Institute of Physics


We have developed a large amplitude piezoceramic scanner which should have numerous applications. Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and other scanning probe microscopies predominantly use piezoceramics for the scanning elements. Similarly adaptive optics, high resolution lithography, and micromanipulators are other examples of research which regularly utilize piezoceramic scanners. We present a new geometry for a piezoceramic scanner which allows for both high resolution (~nanometers) and large amplitude (~400 µm) displacements. The cross-shaped geometry makes it possible to produce extremely long pieces with very high tolerances. We have shown its effectiveness by using it as the major component of a low temperature STM (LTSTM). This LTSTM is unique in two distinct ways: the scan range at low temperature is a factor of 10 larger than those reported and the coarse, approach mechanism is a single component piezoceramic-making coarse approach in situ designs.