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November 1990


Published in the Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A 8 (6), Nov/Dec 1990. Copyright © 1990 American Vacuum Society. Used by permission. For free online abstracts, see


We have studied the initial stages of synchrotron radiation [SR] induced chemical vapor deposition [CVD] of metal-containing thin films from metal hexacarbonyl gases. We have measured the dependence of the initial deposition rate upon gas pressure at room temperature. Substrates were exposed to SR for single fills of the electron storage ring at constant pressure of Mo(CO)6, Cr(CO)6, or W(CO) 6 gas. Deposition was monitored in situ by Auger electron spectroscopy using the SW as the excitation source. The presence of metal, carbon, and oxygen in the deposited films was observed, and the results are consistent with previous studies. Deposition was found to be isolated to areas of the substrate exposed to the SR beam. We discuss these results as they relate to the use of SR as a means to induce GVD and the possibility of patterned deposition using a masked SR source.

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