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Published in Ferroelectrics, 354 (2007), pp. 1–2; doi 10.1080/00150190701455054 Copyright © 2007 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. Used by permission.


It is a great honor and responsibility to be Guest Editors for the special issue of Ferroelectrics, dedicated to the 90th Birthday of Nobel Prize Winner Prof. Vitaly Ginzburg. We have entitled our Guest Editorial “The Last Classical Physicist” because his creative work practically covers all regions of the modern physics: astronomy, astrophysics, cosmic rays, high spin elementary particles, quantum electrodynamics, solid state physics, including superconductivity and superfluidity, superdiamagnetism and ferrotoroics, crystallooptics and last (but for this journal not least) the theory of ferroelectricity and soft mode conception.

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