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APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 108, 152904 (2016)


Published by AIP Publishing


Systematic investigation of the scalability for tunneling electroresistance (TER) of integrated Co/BaTiO3/SrRuO3 ferroelectric tunnel junctions (FTJs) has been performed from micron to deep submicron dimensions. Pulsed measurements of the transient currents confirm the ferroelectric switching behavior of the FTJs, while the hysteresis loops measured by means of piezoresponse force microscopy verify the scalability of these structures. Fully integrated functional FTJ devices with the size of 300×300 nm2 exhibiting a tunneling electroresistance (TER) effect of the order of 2.7×104% have been fabricated and tested. Measured current density of 75 A/cm2 for the ON state and a long polarization retention time of ON state (>10 h) show a lot of promise for implementation of high-density BaTiO3-based FTJ memory devices in future.