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March 1987


Published in Radiation Physics and Chemistry 30:3 (1987), pp. 201-208. (Formerly known as International Journal of Radiation Applications and Instrumentation. Part C. Radiation Physics and Chemistry.) Copyright © 1987 Pergamon Journals Ltd. Used by permission.


A newly developed corrected formula for the radial distribution of dose (RDD) has been used to calculate cross sections for the inactivation of dry enzymes and viruses by heavy ions ranging from 42He to 4018 Ar of energies ca. 10 MeV/a.m.u., spanning a range of LET of ca. 5–2,000 Me V cm2 g–1. In comparison with earlier “point-target” calculations of Butts and Katz where a linear range-energy relationship for electrons (δ-rays) was used, and with “extended-target” calculations of Zhang, Dunn, and Katz, where a power range-energy law and an “uncorrected” RDD formula were applied, the present calculations reproduce all the 72 experimentally measured cross sections and values of the D-37 dose (where available) much more accurately, essentially to within experimental errors. This agreement supports the validity of our phenomenological correction of the RDD formula, suggesting that the theory should rather be tested in the highly structured “thindown” region, at ion energies below ca. 0.5 MeV/a.m.u.

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