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January 1970


Published in radiation effects 3 (1970), pp. 169-174. Copyright © Gordon and Breach Science Publishers Ltd. (Division of Taylor & Francis). Used by permission.
This paper was first read at the International Topical Conference on Nuclear Track Registration in Insulating Solids and Applications, Clermont-Ferrand, May, 1969.


The formation of particle tracks, and such phenomena as the detection of charged particles and the damage produced by charged particles, are intimately related to the spatial distribution of ionization energy deposited by δ-rays. Changes in the spectrum of δ-rays with the velocity of the primary particle imply that linear measures of the interaction of the primary particle with the medium, such as specific energy loss, or primary ionization, are unsatisfactory measures of effects produced in the medium, for they contain no knowledge of the spatial deposition of the lost energy.

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