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November 1990


NASA Technical Memorandum 102170


Radiological experiments with cell cultures are expected to be performed on Lifesat to study possible gravitational dependence on cellular response. Predictions of cell damage rates for well-studied systems are expected to help guide in the selection of orbits and the design of experiments. In this report we estimate the fractions of cell death and neoplastic transformation of C3H10T1/2 cells (cultured mouse cells) for the proposed Lifesat orbits. The parametric cellular track model of Katz et al. (refs. 1 and 2) is employed using cellular response parameters derived from the experiments of Yang et al. (refs. 3 and 4). The contributions to the biological endpoints from the trapped protons and electrons, and GCR particles are considered for typical levels of spacecraft shielding. For the proton and GCR contributions the effects of nuclear reactions are taken into account. Expected counting rates for other possible cell culture experiments on Lifesat are discussed.

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