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January 1994


Published in Radiation Protection Dosimetry Vol. 52, Nos 1-4, pp 25-27 (1991).


For the first time track structure theory has been applied to radiobiological effects in a living organism. Data for lethal mutagenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans, obtained after irradiation with nine different types of ions of atomic number 1-57 and gamma rays have yielded radiosensitivity parameters (E0, σ0, K, m = 68 Gy, 2.5 x 10-9 cm2, 750, 2) comparable with those found for the transformation of C3HT10 1/2 cells (180 Gy, 1.15 x 10-10 cm2, 750, 2) but remote from those (E0 and σ0 = ≈2 Gy, ≈5 x 10-7 cm2) for mammalian cell survival.

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