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November 1950


Published by American Journal of Physics -- November 1950 -- Volume 18, Issue 8, p. 534. doi:10.1119/1.1932666. Copyright © 1950 American Association of Physics Teachers. Used by permission.


This experiment requires apparatus consisting of two ring stands, two bunsen burners, safety matches, a sheet of hard asbestos board and a sheet of aluminum of approximately the same dimensions (6 in. long by 3½ in. wide by ⅛ in. thick). The ring stands are set side-by-side with the sheet of aluminum on one and the sheet of asbestos on the other. Two matches are placed on each sheet; one in the middle directly above the bunsen burner and one on the edge, two or three inches away. In what order will the matches catch fire after the burners are lighted?

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