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April 1953


Published by Journal of the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists 36 (1953), pp. 1065-1070. Copyright © 1953. Used by permission.


Enforcement of sanitary practices in the commercial handling of wheat, particularly with reference to insect infestation, requires a method of inspection of wheat for internal or hidden insect infestation which is reliable, yet rapid enough for routine use. A number of inspection methods have been developed for this purpose, and a review has been published (1) of those proposed up to two years ago. A rigorous evaluation of several of these techniques has been made recently (2).

The rapid inspection method suggested to the grain trade by the Food and Drug Administration (2), based on the results of an extensive study of the sources of insect fragments in mill products (3), involves gross examination of 100 grams of wheat for insect exit holes. More than three of such insect-emerged kernels in the sample indicate excessive internal or hidden infestation. This inspection method has been criticize das too time-consuming, and difficulty has been experiences in differentiating exit holes from deep insect feeding punctures.

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