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Published in Physics Today, Dec 1976, Vol. 29 Issue 12, pp. 53-54. Copyright 1976 American Institute of Physics. Used by permission.


The subjects of atomic, molecular and solid-state physics have only rarely been treated at an advanced level in a single volume. The notable exception, of course, is John C. Slater’s Quantum Theory of Matter. In the present book the three authors, Michael Morrison, Thomas Estle and Neal Lane, stress the unity among these fields by ernphasizing the concept of electronic quantum states in atoms, diatomic molecules and crystalline solids. Such a combination should be of basic interest to students in a variety of scientific fields and also form the basis for more advanced work in those three subjects themselves. This is a textbook of applied quantum mechanics directed to advanced undergraduate and graduate students in physics, chemistry and engineering; the authors assume a previous introduction to quantum mechanics.

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