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Published in Physical Review A 8, 220 - 225 (1973)
©1973 The American Physical Society
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.8.220


Measurements have been made at two laboratories which indicate that the structure reported at 450-550eV in the electron spectrum from Ar+-Ar collisions by Ogurtsov, Flaks, and Avakyan is spurious. It is argued that the double L vacancies which they invoke to explain the structure are more likely to decay by the two-step Auger process L 2→LM2→M4 than by the one-step process L2→M3 suggested by these authors. Evidence supporting this is found in our electron spectra from P+-Ar collisions, where it is known from energy-loss and charge-state measurements that double L vacancies are produced in phosphorus.

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