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Published in Microsc Microanal 13(Suppl 2), 2007. Copyright 2007 Microscopy Society of America. Used by permission.


FePt films and FePt-based nano-composite films with the high-anisotropy L10 ordered phase have been extensively studied, since they have significant potential for extremely high-density perpendicular magnetic recording media and nano-composite permanent magnets [1]. Recently, new functional films were synthesized with a FePt:C composite layer on top of continuous FePt layer, in order to study the effect of the FePt layer on the ordering, orientation and magnetic properties of the composite layer. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM), together with X-ray diffraction, has been used to check the growth of the double-layered films and to study the microstructure, including the grain size, shape, orientation and distribution. The results have been used as feedback to improve the film synthesis and to analyze the structures related to novel functions of the designed films. In this report, the TEM studies of both single-layered nonepitaxially grown FePt and FePt:C composite L10 phase and double-layered deposition FePt:C/FePt are presented.

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