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THE ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 299: 723-727, 1985 December 15


Copyright 1985. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved


Fourier decomposition is employed to compare the light curves of RR Lyrae stars with those emerging from hydrodynamic models. Very good agreement is obtained between theory and observation for the RRc stars, but in the case of the RRab stars there are significant discrepancies in the Fourier phase quantities ϕ21 and ϕ31The deficiencies of the models are not remedied by replacing Carson opacities with Los Alamos opacities, nor by including dynamic zoning in the hydrogen ionization region. We also Fourier analyze the theoretical velocity curves to determine R21, ϕ21, and ϕ31as well as the first-order phase lag (Δϕ))1. It is suggested that (Δϕ))1 may be correlated with surface temperature.