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IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS, VOL. 47, NO. 10, OCTOBER 2011; Doi: 10.1109/TMAG.2011.2157317


Copyright 2011 IEEE. Used by permission.


The magnetization and magnetic anisotropy of iron-rich Fe-W and W-Co intermetallics and nanostructures are investigated by firstprinciple calculations. The W atom is antiferromagnetically coupled to nearest neighbor Co atom and interface Fe atom in the case of Fe-W multilayers. The first anisotropy constants are positive, nearly zero, or negative, depending on the atomic structures. Typical anisotropy energies per atom are ‒0.513 meV for a dilute W-Co alloy, ‒0.06 meV for W2Fe2, and 0.44 meV for W2Fe4 (0.1 MeV/atom ~ 1 MJ/m3). These values are of interest for permanent-magnet applications but also indicate the need for careful structural control and for a more detailed investigation of structure-property relationships in Fe-W nanostructures.