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January 1987


Published in Physica Scripta (Topical Issue) Vol. T17 (1987), pp. 221–227: Proceedings of The 8th International Conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation Physics, Lund Sweden, August 4–8, 1986, edited by Per-Olof Nilsson and Joseph Nordgren. Copyright © 1987 Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences; published by Institute of Physics Publishing. Used by permission.


The role of electron correlations in nonresonant multiphoton processes of atoms is presented. The evidence for the validity of a lowest order perturbation theory (LOPT) approach for the laser field in the case of nonresonant processes is sketched. The growing consensus for a LOPT interpretation of even the multiply-charged ion spectra obtained with high intensity lasers is reviewed. Finally, a review of those specific electron correlation processes within LOPT that are important for the quantitative prediction of two-photon ionization cross sections is presented and some of their effects on calculated generalized cross sections are exhibited.

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