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PHYSICS OF PLASMAS 19, 056703 (2012);


Copyright 2012 American Institute of Physics. Use by permission.


In this paper, we present results on a scalable high-energy electron source based on laser wakefield acceleration. The electron accelerator using 30–80 TW, 30 fs laser pulses, operates in the blowout regime, and produces high-quality, quasi-monoenergetic electron beams in the range 100–800 MeV. These beams have angular divergence of 1–4 mrad, and 5%–25% energy spread, with a resulting brightness 1011 electrons mm-2 MeV-1 mrad-2. The beam parameters can be tuned by varying the laser and plasma conditions. The use of a high-quality laser pulse and appropriate target conditions enables optimization of beam quality, concentrating a significant fraction of the accelerated charge into the quasi-monoenergetic component.

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