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J Materiomics 4 (2018) 1-12


Used by permission.


Magnetoelectric coupling has been a trending research topic in both organic and inorganic materials and hybrids. The concept of controlling magnetism using an electric field is particularly appealing in energy efficient applications. In this spirit, ferroelectricity has been introduced to organic spin valves to manipulate the magneto transport, where the spin transport through the ferromagnet/organic spacer interfaces (spinterface) are under intensive study. The ferroelectric materials in the organic spin valves provide a knob to vary the interfacial energy alignment and the interfacial crystal structures, both are critical for the spin transport. In this review, we introduce the recent efforts of controlling magnetoresistance of organic spin valves using ferroelectricity, where the ferroelectric material is either inserted as an interfacial layer or used as a spacer material. The realization of the ferroelectric control of magneto transport in organic spin valve, advances our understanding in the spin transport through the ferromagnet/ organic interface, and suggests more functionality of organic spintronic devices.