Faculty-led Inquiry into Reflective and Scholarly Teaching (FIRST)


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Brummer, Josh. "Course Portfolio for Math 309: Introduction to Mathematical Proofs" (2020). UNL Faculty Portfolios, 171. digitalcommons.unl.edu/prtunl/171.


In this course portfolio, I examine dimensions of an active learning curriculum developed for a sophomore-level undergraduate course serving as an introduction to mathematical proofs. Prominent course goals include developing effective practices for communicating mathematics using formal language, learning to read, comprehend, and evaluate the validity of mathematical proofs, and practicing to write rigorous and concise mathematical proofs. I explore a new piece of collaborative annotation software called Perusall to help students read and understand mathematics together, and I analyze mastery level grading scales across exams throughout the semester. The portfolio also contains information about the structure and syllabus for the course, the exams given, and samples of student work and collaborative annotations.