Faculty-led Inquiry into Reflective and Scholarly Teaching (FIRST)


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Summer 6-1-2023

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Haacker, Erin, 2023. "Portfolio for GEOL 488/888: Groundwater Geology." UNL Faculty Portfolios.


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Groundwater Geology is a course that draws undergraduate and graduate students from multiple units, including the College of Arts and Sciences, Institute for Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Civil and Environmental Engineering. The course material focuses on groundwater as a resource, and includes the use of computer programming (Python programming language) to analyze groundwater data. Many students who enroll in the course are new to either geosciences or Python, despite the fact that it is an advanced course. The course has been redesigned recently to include materials suitable for a groundwater engineering course, because it is newly offered with sections listed by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. This has provided opportunities for course updates, but also challenges due to the hybrid nature of engineering classes, since the department is split between two campuses. By focusing on course objectives and using backward design for assignments and assessments, the Spring 2023 student cohort was successful in mastering the course materials and made excellent strides in applying Python programming to groundwater applications.