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Report Delivered to the Nebraska Department of Education February, 2010


This report contains the findings of the survey: “Examining the Perceptions of Career and Technical Education (CTE) in Nebraska.” The purpose of the survey was to measure the perceptions of Nebraska Educators regarding CTE in Nebraska. The results of the study are intended to inform standards revisions in Nebraska Career Education. The survey was administered to Administrators, Math and Science Teachers, Counselors and CTE Instructors in Nebraska during November and December, 2009. Over 1,000 Nebraska Educators participated in the survey. The relatively large sample size allows for multiple comparisons to be made of various groups of educators in the state. The results show that, in general, Nebraska Educators are positive about the current state of CTE in Nebraska.

The results also show, however, that there are some important differences in how different groups of educators feel about the ability of CTE to prepare students for life after high school. In general, CTE Teachers and Administrators are more positive about CTE, while Math and Science Teachers and Counselors tend to be more ambivalent. Because Math and Science Teachers and Counselors tend to be most ambivalent, the findings suggest that it would be beneficial to follow up with these groups regarding their attitudes toward CTE. In addition, the results of the survey point to a number of areas where it might be beneficial to conduct further statistical analyses so that a greater understanding of these between‐group differences might be obtained.

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