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Published in Year 2 Progress Report, 1-17, (2002)


In November 2000, the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center (PPC) and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Center on Children, Families and the Law (CCFL) entered into a partnership with the Lincoln/Lancaster County Joint Budget Committee (JBC) and United Way of Lincoln/Lancaster County (UW). The purpose of this University-Community partnership has been to facilitate implementation of the Lincoln/Lancaster County Human Services Three-Year Comprehensive Plan (Plan). It has since become known as C-SIP (the Community Services Implementation Project). PPC and CCFL have been serving in a coordinating and technical assistance role for the overall process including: providing staff support and technical assistance for the Steering Committee, the Advisory Committee, and related subcommittees; providing staff support and technical assistance for six Community Coalitions (with occasional technical assistance provided to the Family Violence Coalition upon request); assisting Coalition Co-Chairs in their facilitation role; developing and maintaining the C-SIP database and website; and, developing the benchmark data infrastructure and data collection process to establish a baseline to compare with future years.

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