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Issued by the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center, 1-7, (2004)


• Year two sub-awards were awarded to 65 different organizations totaling approximately $500,000. Attachment A provides a list of second year sub-awardees including the name and location of each, type of organization, and description of project, as well as more detailed information. Attachment B lists some of the major accomplishments from each of the second-year sub-awardees.

• A number of open technical assistance workshops were held for sub-awardees during the period (see Attachment C for information on specific workshops). Attachment D provides a list of technical assistance workshop registrants.

• Stakeholders met in October to discuss the integration of the behavioral health system into the faith community. See Attachment E for a list of stakeholder members along with the meeting agenda and notes.

• NEBHANDS hosted a meeting March 22nd with Jennifer Sullivan, a representative from the White House Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, as well as with state officials from the Governor’s Office and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. Also in attendance were NEBHANDS sub-awardees and Nancy Long from the Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Region VII Office in Kansas City (see Attachment F for meeting summary).

• On February 25th, NEBHANDS hosted Charles Roller from Dare Mighty Things who conducted a site visit of the project on behalf of the National Resource Center (see Attachment G for the completed site visit survey).

• NEBHANDS partner Interchurch Ministries of Nebraska presented at an open theology discussion group at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on March 25th entitled “The Blurred Lines Between Church and State”. (see Attachment H).

• NEBHANDS partner Interchurch Ministries of Nebraska established and launched an Ecumenical Lending Library with resources available on-line to sub-awardees, faith communities, and anyone in Nebraska interested in behavioral health issues (see Attachment I for brochure).

• The NEBHANDS Evaluation Committee continued the process of evaluating grant activities, including selecting subaward organizations for case studies, collection of information about subaward groups and effectiveness of technical assistance. (see Attachment J for Evaluation Committee materials and summary of activities).

• The Executive Committee continued to meet monthly as an advisory group to NEBHANDS, and to plan for sustainability of subaward groups in Nebraska. (see Attachment K for Executive Committee materials).

• Tom Harvey (Sr. Vice President, Member Services, Alliance for Children and Families, Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Mr. Harvey was a speaker at the Nebhands Kick-Off
Conference) facilitated a meeting of the Executive Committee on January 22nd to develop a strategic plan for sustainability of NEBHANDS project activities (see Attachment L for meeting minutes and pictures).

• The NEBHANDS Integration Committee worked on developing peer-support networks and including them in Nebraska’s behavioral health reform effort (see Attachment M for Integration Committee materials).

• The NEBHANDS Policy committee focused on structural impediments to FBO and CBO integration into the behavioral health system. (See Attachment N for a summary of activities).

• The NEBHANDS Information and Referral Committee continued to work to develop a resource database for faith and community-based organizations (see Attachment O for brochure).

• The NEBHANDS Assistance Committee began the planning process to select year three sub-awardees.

• NEBHANDS conducted a number of dissemination activities during the period, including sending informational e-mails to Nebraska policymakers and organizations, as well as participating in the planning for the Project Relate media campaign (see Attachment P for these materials). In addition, many sub-awardees received coverage from local newspapers and other media outlets.

• The NEBHANDS website was improved to allow sub-awardees and other interested parties improved access to information about the project (see Attachment Q for these materials).

• Several sub-awardees hosted NEBHANDS sponsored technical assistance in their communities during this period (see Attachment R for information about sub-awardee conferences).

• The project continued to track expenditures and cost sharing requirements. The Financial Report is included in Attachment S.

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