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Published by the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center in J ALUMNI NEWS, 55, (2008).


Renewable energy.

The phrase sounds good, but many Nebraskans may not know much about what it means. People may have seen those two wind turbines north of Lincoln, but what do they do, and whom do they serve? And what other alternative energy sources are available? Would it be possible and efficient to use solar power? And what exactly are the benefits of ethanol?

In an effort to inform Nebraskans about such alternative energy options, the College of Journalism and Mass Communications, along with the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center, received a grant of $12,000 to help Nebraskans learn about and be more familiar with the energy options that exist.

The project, titled Energy and the Future, started in the fall semester of 2007 with researchers from both the journalism college and the policy center. Project plans call for developing a one-hour informational video, a Web site marketing renewable energy and written materials for public distribution.

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