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➢ What makes you hopeful about participating in Resilience Alliance? ➢ What worries you? ➢ What is one thing you’d like to achieve as a result of attending Resilience Alliance? ➢ How will you manage competing demands to be able to fully participate? ➢ When you think about how the agency responds to stress now, what is one area you’d most like to see change? ➢ What opportunities do you see to participate in the change? ➢ What is one thing you that might prepare you for Resilience Alliance? ➢ How do you recognize emotional, physical, personal indicators? What triggers the symptoms? ➢ What impact (body, feelings, thoughts, behaviors)? ➢ What direct contact events (work related adversities) put one at risk of STS? ➢ How aware are you? How to become more aware? ➢ What are techniques to reduce tendency to go into survival mode? ➢ What do you do now to help reduce stress? ➢ What would you like to add to your practice? ➢ How do you encourage staff to focus on what is going well (efficacy)? ➢ What are the opportunities for cognitive restructuring (cognitive distortion)? ➢ What optimism trait do you hope to develop? ➢ What are the opportunities for collaboration? ➢ How can you promote collaboration in your unit? Module 1 Resilience and Survival Mode ➢ What strategies went well in the past week? ➢ Where did you find opportunities for collaboration and optimism? ➢ What opportunities might have been missed? ➢ What might you do differently this week? ➢ What resilience characteristic will you be mindful of this week? ➢ What characteristic would you like to strengthen? ➢ How will you notice when you go into survival mode? ➢ What will you commit to practice this week? Module 2 Reactivity ➢ What did you notice about your resilience characteristics in the last week? ➢ How were you able to increase their usage? ➢ What might you like to do more or less of this week? ➢ How will you practice your 3 Ps? ➢ How will you pay attention to your heat level? ➢ What is your plan for when you need to cool down? ➢ What would you like to accomplish this week? Module 3 Collaboration ➢ What emotions (positive and negative) did you perceive? ➢ What thoughts and behaviors did you notice with these thoughts? ➢ How did you process the intensity (reactivity) of these emotions? ➢ What opportunities did you take to practice controlling negative emotions? ➢ What might you like to do differently this week? ➢ How will you increase collaboration this week? ➢ On what common goals might you collaborate? ➢ What work relationship could benefit from strengthening? ➢ What is one action you can take to improve collaboration? Coaching to Support Resilience Module 4 Optimism ➢ What did you notice about your body heat in the past week? ➢ How did you increase collaboration? ➢ What impact did it have on relationships? ➢ What will you continue to do to strengthen relationships? ➢ How will you focus on the positive this week? ➢ What avoidance behavior might you like to address? ➢ How/when will you practice positive self-talk? ➢ What optimism skill would you like to strengthen? Module 5 Positive Thinking ➢ How did you practice positive reframing? ➢ What situations did you notice were in your control? ➢ What strategies helped improve optimism? ➢ What would you like to continue to focus on this week? ➢ How will you use a resilience lens this week? ➢ What is one way you can reframe a negative thought? ➢ How will you stay mindful about reframing this week? Module 6 Optimism and Reactivity ➢ How have you used positive self-talk have this week? ➢ What are the 5 resilience concepts? ➢ What ways were you able to shift negative reactions to positive reaction ➢ What steps were you able to take to increase optimism or decrease reactivity? ➢ What are additional steps you could take in the week to come? ➢ How did you address work place conflict without getting “heated”? Module 7 Mastery ➢ What resilience concept has been most useful to you in the past week? ➢ What self-efficacy characteristic did you (will you) focus on mastering? ➢ What steps did you (will you) take to achieve your goal? ➢ What was the impact of strengthening this characteristic? ➢ How did you (will you) approach time management this/last week? Coaching to Support Resilience Module 8 Self-Care ➢ What self-care activity have you identified to practice? ➢ How did you feel before and after practicing? ➢ How did the self-care activity impact your unit/team? ➢ What additional self-care activity ideas do you have for yourself/unit? ➢ What barriers did you encounter practicing self-care? Module 9 Self-Awareness ➢ What signs of overall stress did you identify or experience? ➢ How were you impacted by the stressor? ➢ How were you able to stop /pay attention to feelings during stressful situations? ➢ What did you notice? ➢ How did you use a resilience lens to think about the event differently? ➢ How did using a resilience lens impact your body/thoughts/behaviors? Module 10 Using a Resilience Framework ➢ What signs of healthy stress have you noticed? ➢ What stressful situations did you experience or observe by colleagues? ➢ What resilient responses did you observe from yourself/unit members/staff? ➢ What non-resilient responses did you observe from yourself/unit members/staff? ➢ How were you able (or able to help your staff) reframe a non-resilient response to a resilient response? Module 11 Self-Reflection ➢ How did you engage in self-reflection throughout the last week? ➢ What opportunities did you identify to think first, then respond? ➢ How has self-reflection impacted your relationships with colleagues? ➢ How has self-reflection impacted you work with families/children? ➢ Given what you’ve learned/practice around self-reflection, how might you utilize this skill in the future? Module 12 Integrating Resilience ➢ How were you able to foster an optimistic work environment? ➢ What resilience concepts did you put into action? ➢ How did you reframe a situation using a resilience lens? ➢ How did you demonstrate respect to your staff/colleagues/self? ➢ What areas might you like future RA sessions to focus on?