Animal Science Department


Date of this Version

December 2001


Published for Proceedings, The Range Beef Cow Symposium XVII December 11, 12, and 13, 2001 - Casper, Wyoming.


The beef industry has overcome numerous challenges in the past and has adopted and implemented new and innovative ideas to improve beef demand. A key change in the beef industry philosophy has been the switch from a mindset of commodity production to one of consumer focus for product safety, quality, convenience, and price point. The packing industry is well known for adopting technology. As we move into the future, technological advancements will continue in food safety and processing, as well as vision grading, case-ready solutions, value-added products, and product quality. Hopefully, these improvements will be made in cooperation with producers across all industry sectors instead of merely after the fact (post harvest). Cooperation and information sharing is key to the long-term viability of the beef industry.

I offer 10 key considerations for the beef industry as we progress into the future. Some of the following points will be modified in the short-term, while others will be ongoing for a longer period of time.