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Range Beef Cow Symposium XXIII, December 3-5, 2013, Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rapid City, SD.


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“Putting it all together” are the words that best describe the essence of the “Quality Beef by the Numbers Program”. In these challenging times connecting all the aspects of the beef industry from birth to the consumer becomes increasingly important. We find ourselves in an era of new technology. This new technology gives us tools that offer the potential to significantly increase profit. Access to and implementation of these technologies becomes important to the longer term survivability of producers. As a lifetime cattle producer, I’ve never been more excited about our industry. What’s the exciting part? The easy answer is the production, marketing and analysis tools available to us today. Fixed-time AI, EPD’s, grid marketing, performance records and the ability to apply an economic analysis of these practices in your herds, is what the “Quality Beef by the Numbers” program is all about.