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Published for Proceedings, The Range Beef Cow Symposium XVII December 11, 12, and 13, 2001 - Casper, Wyoming.


Copyright 2001, the author.


In the fast paced livestock industry, producers are looking for information that can give them an edge in a timely manner. Never before has so much information been at our fingertips. The Internet is an excellent tool that can be used for obtaining good research-based information. The type of information available on the Internet is endless. Daily, weekly, and yearly reports such as market reports can be found on free sites as well as private sites. When questions arise the Internet can be a resource finder. In addition, e-mail allows you to communicate with individuals on your time schedule.

Obtaining information on the Internet can be difficult, until you develop some understanding of how it works. When using the Internet, first you must decide: Are you looking for general information or specific topic? Three ways of getting information in general are: 1) go to nearest land grant university site, 2) that favorite commodity group home page, or 3) search the Internet.

To find an information site on the Internet you need a piece of software called a browser. The most common browser software packages are Netscape and Internet Explorer. Both of these come installed on the computers you buy today. Select the browser that works best for you. In order to get a Web page or information site on the Internet you need to type in the Web address. Typing in the appropriate address is the quickest way to access a site. If you are planning on revisiting this site, add the site to your bookmarks or favorite sites. Bookmarks save time and typing mistakes by making a copy of the Web address in a pull down list.