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Science & Engineering
UNL heads Antarctic drilling project .2
Virology Center extends its reach .4
Bioengineers developing innovative hemophilia therapy .6
Lasers shine light on diamond film process .8
UNL hosts CMS Tier 2 site .10
Finding the key to plant sterility .11
Drought — Preparing for the inevitable .12
Water Initiative pours best minds into tough issues .13
Hydrogen-energy studies could relieve oil dependency .14
Fellowship funds hydrogen research .15
Working to save lives on the battlefield .16
Mentoring mathematicians to successful careers .17
Biomedical studies explore nutrition-health connection .18
Next generation transportation, surfaces and structures .19
Sloan Scholar improves railway safety .20
Biomedical research improves tools for cures .22
Cameras, computers and the mystery of human speech .24
‘Portals to Reading’ opens doors to learning .26
Connecting research with teachers and kids .27
Arts & Humanities
U.S. Poet Laureate calls Nebraska home .28
Struloeff is UNL’s first Stegner Fellow .29
NU Press, Tribe celebrate publication of unique historical document .30
Art and science intersect .31
Business & Law
Making policy decisions on health care, retirement plans .32
Economist Anderson advises White House .33
Technology Development
Nebraska licenses processes and products to industry .34
UNL research makes top 100 .35
Financials .36