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This is the fifth annual “Major Sponsored Program and Faculty Awards for Research and Creative Activity” report. This booklet highlights the successes of University of Nebraska–Lincoln faculty during 2006. The funding sources, projects and investigators on major grants and sponsored program awards received during the year are listed, as well as patents issued; published books and scholarship; fellowships and other recognitions; intellectual property licenses; and performances and exhibitions in the fine and performing arts. This impressive list grows each year and I am pleased to present evidence of our faculties’ accomplishments. During FY2005-06, we achieved a funding milestone — UNL faculty attracted $104.6 million in external funding to the institution. This is the first time we exceeded $100 million and this in fact tripled the comparable figure achieved ten years ago. How have we reached this success? We have worked to closely integrate our research priorities with our established programs of excellence building on each success. We zealously foster interdisciplinary research and collaborations with public and private partnerships, thus expanding our economic development efforts by working with business and industry. And we celebrate our achievements and recognize that excellence attracts excellence. This booklet reports only the largest dollar amounts as reported through our Office of Sponsored Programs. However, the majority of our research and creative activity is conducted by single investigators and scholars who are pioneering new frontiers across all fields. Many faculty obtain funding at levels below the significantly high thresholds set for inclusion in this report. This in no way diminishes their scholarly contributions and we are proud of all faculty achievement.