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Morais R., Saenen B, Garbuglia F, Berghmans F, Gaillard V (2021). From principles to practices: Open Science at Europe’s universities. 2020-2021 EUA Open Science Survey results. Brussels & Geneva, European University Association.




This report presents the outcomes of the 2020-2021 EUA Open Science Survey and provides evidencebased recommendations for institutions, researchers, research funders and policymakers on the transition towards Open Science. The 2020-2021 EUA Open Science Survey focused on the level of development of Open Science in Europe‘s universities, addressing the role of Open Science in institutions’ strategic priorities and its implementation in institutional practices. In addition, the survey transversally addressed both the established (Open Access, research data) and emerging (e.g. citizen science, open education) fields of Open Science. This survey was open to all interested European higher academic institutions from October 2020 until January 2021, having gathered a total of 272 valid responses from institutions in 36 European countries. Most of the sample are comprehensive institutions (64%), followed by specialist (e.g. medical sciences, music, art schools) and technical universities, which both represent 13% of the sample. The full anonymised dataset of the survey is available in the Open Access repository Zenodo.