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Bosch, Brandon. 1. "Sociology of Mass Media." Syllabus published in TRAILS: Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology. Washington DC: American Sociological Association. (


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This class will focus on mass media representations of gender, race, class, and politics, as well as the cultural, legal, economic, and institutional factors influencing the production of media texts. We will also discuss the ways in which media audiences (not just media scholars) make sense of media texts. Types of media to be discussed include advertisements, film (including romantic comedies, drama, horror, action, and war films), news media, comic books, video games, “reality” television, and sitcoms. Due to time constraints, popular music, novels, and “new” media will receive relatively less attention. Much of the class will focus on classic theories and media texts. Many of the examples discussed in class will likely be things that you have not seen (e.g., It Happened One Night, The Maltese Falcon, Halloween, Apocalypse Now, When Harry Met Sally). This is done to expose you to media texts (and historical contexts) that you might be unaware of, and give you the opportunity to compare them with the media that you consume today.

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