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Published by the Southeast Research and Extension Center (2006) 1-56; Copyright University of Nebraska


This report is an attempt to review, synthesize, summarize and make recommendations from the Team's readings, observations and discussions regarding the research and extension programs of the Southeast Research and Extension Center. The Center's staff prepared and shared with the Review Team an excellent Self-Study document prior to our arrival. This document was quite comprehensive and helpful in preparing for and during the review. The Team was requested to assess the overall quality and effectiveness of the Center's programs in terms of their strengths and challenges.

The approach taken by the Review Team was to focus on the priority issues identified in the objectives and to consider the Center's programs overall. Team members were each responsible for their subject matter specialty during the review and in preparing the report. However, this report represents the consensus view of the entire Review Team, and is intended to be helpful to the administration, faculty and staff as they plan for the future.

The Review Team was grateful for having been selected for this effort, and we wish to express our thanks to the Administration of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Director Williams and the Steering Committee for the review, especially its co-chairs, Gail Brand and Gary Zoubek. All staff members appeared to have been involved in the process of preparing for the review and were most hospitable and helpful during the actual review. This bodes well for the future programs and activities within the District.

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