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Patent No .: US 11,202,595 B2


A system and method are described for assessing muscle parameters (e.g., force(s) exerted, force dynamics, strength, voluntary muscle movement, etc.) in a diagnostic or therapeutic environment. The muscle parameter assessment system includes a force-gauging device and a computing device. The force-gauging device includes at least one pressure-sensing component (e.g., transducer, pressure sensor, etc.) configured to respond to a force applied by a subject and produce one or more output signals. The force gauging device can further include electronic circuitry con figured to convert the output signals into data indicative of a muscle parameter. The computing device is configured to build a muscle assessment protocol based on one or more patient characteristics and/or user input. The computing device is further configured to execute one or more muscle assessments via the force-gauging device , receive data from the force-gauging device, and determine one or more muscle measurements for a subject.