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Southern Soybean Disease Workers, Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Meeting (March 8-9, 2006, Jackson, Tennessee, United States)


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Southern Soybean Disease Workers 2005 treasury report

Southern United States Soybean Disease Loss Estimates for 2005. Compiled by SR Koenning

Virulence in Phytopbthora sojae Isolates to Soybeans with Rps8 Resistance. DA Smith, TS Abney, and JG Shannon

New Sources of Resistance to SCN in Soybean. PR Arelli

Soybean Disease Management in Louisiana. B Padgett, MA Purvis, and BW Garber

Efficacy and Profitability of Foliar Fungicide in the Absence of Soybean Rust. M Newman and W Percell

Fungicide and Insecticide Combinations for Enhancing Soybean Health and Yield. RP Mulrooney and RW Taylor

Overview of Soybean Rust Monitoring in the US. JC Rupe

Yield Enhancement of Probable Asian Soybean Rust Control Fungicides. JB Blessitt, DH Poston, GL Sciumbato, CH Koger, and N Buehring

Occurrence of Disease and Insect Pests in Select Sorghum and Soybean Rotations in Mississippi. ST Pichardo, RE Baird, and HN Pitre

A Preliminary Evaluation of Spore Trapping Technology for Phakopsora pachyrhizi. EP Mumma, RW Schneider, CL Robertson, CG Giles, JJ Marois, and DL Wright

Influence of Host Genotype and Soybean Cyst Nematode on Charcoal Rot of Soybean. TM Dorton, JP Bond, ME Schmidt, CM Vick, and AK Gregor

Comparison of Disease Assessments of Soybean Genotypes in the Presence of Charcoal Rot. A Mengistu, RL Paris, JR Smith, and JD Ray

Twenty Years of Soybean Variety Testing for SDS. C Schmidt, J Klein, M Schmidt, and J Bond

SCN-Resistant Soybeans Offer a False Sense of Security to Producers. R Heinz, LE Sweets, and MG Mitchum

Roundup Ready and Conventional Soybeans with Broad Resistance to SCN HG Types. JG Shannon, JA Wrather, DA Sleper, HT Nguyen, and SC Anand

A Review ofReniform Nematode Resistance on Soybean. RT Robbins

Effect of Seed Treatments on Soybean Stand and Yield in Arkansas, 2005. JC Rupe, CS Rothrock, TL Kirkpatrick, ML Rosso, and AJ Steger

Inheritance of Resistance to Phomopsis Seed Decay in Soybean PI 360841. SE Smith, P Fenn, PK Miller, and P Chen

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