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Southern Soybean Disease Workers, Proceedings of the 20th Annual Meeting (March 28-30, 1993, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, United States)

Abstracts and reports

John C Rupe, 1993 proceedings editor and program chairman


Copyright 1993, the authors of the respective texts



Sustainable agriculture symposium

Sustainable Agriculture and the Soybean Industry: Building a Winning Strategy. D Hubbard and MS Fitzner

Impact of Pest Interactions on Management Programs. J Funderburke

Introducing Procedures of Sustainable Agriculture, a Team Approach. J Bradley

Sustainable Agriculture Practices and Their Impact on Plant Diseases. C Rothrock

Graduate student competition

Effect of Increasing Initial Inoculum Levels of Rotylenchus reiformis on Soybean. JJ Cornelius and GW Lawrence

Effect of Frogeye Leaf Spot on Yield of Soybean Lines Near-Isogeneic for Resistance. PF Pace, DB Weaver, LD Flopper, and PA Backman

Heritability and Genotype X Environment Interaction of Partial Resistance to Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome in Two Crosses. VN Njiti, MA Shenaut, RJ Suttner, JH Klein, WJ Matthews, and PT Gibson

Contributed papers

Soybean-Cotton Rotations for the Management of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes. DG Robertson and R Rodríguez-Kábana

Soybean-Peanut Rotations for the Management of Nematode Problems in Peanut. PS King and R Rodríguez-Kábana

Velvetbean for the Management of Nematode Problems in Soybean. CF Weaver and R Rodríguez-Kábana

The Management of Nematode Problems with Corn and Soybean Rotations: A Ten Year Study. R Rodríguez-Kábana

Effect of Wheat Residue and Tillage on Soybean Cyst Nematode and Soybean Yield in Doublecrop soybeans in Kentucky. DE Hershman and PR Bachi

Survival of Soybean Cyst Nematode. RD Riggs

Effects of Planting Date on Population Dynamics of Soybean Cyst Nematode on Soybean. RD Riggs

Selection of Soybean Cyst Nematode Resistant Cultivars to Optimize Yield. LD Young

Effects of Carriers of ARF18 Fungus on The Control of Soybean Cyst Nematode. DG Kim and RD Riggs

Simultaneous Screening in Greenhouse for Frogeye Leaf Spot and Cyst Nematode in Soybeans. WK Cork and SC Anand

Correlation of Stem Canker Susceptibility to Soybean Yield Loss. GL Sciumbato and BL Keeling

Effect of Crop Rotation, Tillage, and Planting Date on Stem Canker Incidence in Soybean. JH Edwards, DB Weaver, PA Backman, and ME Ruf

Infection Timing and the Development of Stem Canker in Soybean. EA Sutton and JC Rupe

Further Evaluation of Early-Season Fungicide Sprays for Soybean Stem Canker Control. AY Chambers

Southern United States Soybean Disease Loss Estimate for 1992, Table 1. Estimated percent loss of soybean yield in 1992 to disease, Table 2. Estimated reduction of soybean yields in 1992 to disease, and Table 3. Southern states soybean disease loss estimate in bushels-dollars-1992. Compiled by GL Sciumbato and DL Turnage

Treasurer's report. GG Hammes

1992-1993 committee chairs

1992 award recipients

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