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Southern Soybean Disease Workers: 45th Proceedings (March 7-8, 2018, Pensacola Beach, Florida)


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List of SSDW Officers

Agenda for March 7-8, 2018

Abstracts for contributed/presented papers

Retrospective analyses regarding the impact of soybean diseases in the USA .TW Allen, PD Esker, and CA Bradley

Diaporthe (Phomopsis) species on soybean: current status in the United States. Febina Mathew, Kristina Petrovic, Lisa Castlebury, Tom Allen, Gary Bergstrom, John Bonkowski, Carl Bradley, James Buck, Emmanuel Byamukama, Martin Chilvers, Anne Dorrance, Nicholas Dufault, Loren Giesler, Nancy Gregory, Heather Kelly, Nathan Kleczewski, Trey Price, Dean Malvick, Sam Markell, Daren Mueller, Damon Smith, Terry Spurlock, Kiersten Wise, and Marina Johnson

New insights into the genetic underpinnings of pathogenesis in Cercospora cf. flagellaris. Burt Bluhm, Ahmad Fakhoury, Alex Zaccaron, and Kona Swift

Evaluation of spore traps and molecular tools for a fungicide decision model for frogeye leaf spot. HM Kelly and B Lin

Site-specific management strategies against multiple nematode species in soybean. C Overstreet, EC McGawley, DM Xavier-Mis, and JS Rezende

Field efficacy of two new seed-applied biological agents for suppression of root-knot nematodes in soybean. Travis R Faske, Michael Emerson, and Katherine Hurd

Evaluation of 418 soybean plant introductions with reported resistance to soybean cyst nematode for reniform nematode resistance. Robert T Robbins and Devany Crippen

Studies on Soybean vein necrosis virus in Alabama. EJ Sikora, D Delaney, A Jacobson, K Conner, A Chitturi, and J Kemble

Using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) photograph analysis to generate corroborating data in small plot soybean fungicide efficacy trials. P Price, MA Purvis, and P Washam

Building a foundation for cultivar and fungicide selection decisions in soybean. HM Kelly

Results from the 2017 Mississippi State University target spot fungicide efficacy program. TW Allen and TH Wilkerson

Relating temperature and relative humidity in commercial warehouses to decline in vigor of soybean seed stored for late plantings in Arkansas. JC Rupe, JA Lee, A Palmer, RT Holland, J Robinson, RD Cartwright, and G Atungulu

Seed treatment for sudden death syndrome management in soybean. Yuba R Kandel, Carl A Bradley, Martin I Chilvers, Febina M Mathew, Albert U Tenuta, Damon L Smith, Kiersten A Wise, and Daren S Mueller

Evaluation of screening methods for soil-borne diseases of soybean (Glycine max) in west Tennessee. R Guyer, E Zuchelli, and H Kelly

Abstracts for student papers

An update on taproot decline in Arkansas. J Bailey, AC Tolbert, B Boney, and TN Spurlock

Taproot decline of soybean is caused by an undescribed species in the Genus Xylaria. T Garcia-Aroca, P Price, M Tomaso-Peterson, T Spurlock, TR Faske, B Bluhm, K Conner, EJ Sikora, R Guyer, H Kelly, TW Allen, and VP Doyle

Assessing pathogenicity and virulence of Xylaria sp. isolates from Mississippi soybean. H Renfroe, T Wilkerson, T Allen, and M Tomaso-Peterson

Effects of mycovirus infection on virulence of Rhizoctonia solani in soybean. TJ Stetina, CS Rothrock, and TN Spurlock

Is the emergence of Soybean vein necrosis virus linked to the re-emergence of Tobacco streak virus? C Zambrana-Echevarría, CL Groves, TL German, and DL Smith

Is soybean vein necrosis a threat to soybean production? NR Anderson, MD Irizarry, CA Bloomingdale, DL Smith, CA Bradley, DP Delaney, NM Kleczewski, EJ Sikora, DS Mueller, and KA Wise

Yield prediction in soybean fields using satellite imagery. B Boney and TN Spurlock

Elucidating the race population structure of Cercospora sojina through genotypic patterns. Wagner Fagundes, Marcio Zaccaron, Alex Zaccaron, and Burton H Bluhm

Impact of foliar fungicide applications in soybean fields across aggregated distributions of disease. M Patterson, AC Tolbert, and TN Spurlock

Abstract for presented poster

Assessing the genetic diversity of Cercospora spp. associated with Cercospora leaf blight of soybean in North America. Kona Swift and Burt Bluhm

Southern United States soybean disease loss estimates for 2017. TW Allen, K Bissonnette, CA Bradley, JP Damicone, NS Dufault, TR Faske, CA Hollier, T Isakeit, RC Kemerait, NM Kleczewski, HL Mehl, JD Mueller, C Overstreet, PP Price, EJ Sikora, TN Spurlock, L Thiessen, and H Young

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